About Us & Partnerships

About Us

Clubbie is the only social network that is 100% dedicated to amateur sport. Primarily a video-sharing platform, we believe the career of the amateur sportsperson should be showcased, cherished and enjoyed. Gone are the days of the club player keeping scrapbooks or enjoying their past glories through grainy video footage and newspaper cut-outs. Modern technology means you can spectacularly build your amateur sports career online, capturing some of the best moments of your life and keeping your memories vivid. Why shouldn’t you show the world your talents, achievements and perhaps the odd mishap?

Clubbie brings together both amateur sports players and clubs in one place, creating a sporting community that embraces and promotes amateur sports participation. Challenge your opponents or friends, build a fan-base, promote or join sporting clubs. Be proud to be a 'Clubbie'!


Being a site dedicated to sports, we're big on teamwork here at Clubbie. We're always interested in pairing up with people or organisations as passionate as we are.

If you are are you one of those organisations then we'd love to hear from you.

Whether you're a club, individual, association or business, if you think you've got something to offer (or think we have something we might be able to offer you), head to our Contact Us page here and do just that.

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