Clubbie Coaching Launched

AG Football Coaching, founded by Aaron Gray in Kent earlier in 2020, aimed to fill a gap in the market for high quality coaching at an affordable price for parents. The one-to-one model as was orginally set up, was also done with social distancing guidelines in mind back when Lockdown was in full force. The demand has become so overwhelming for the UEFA-qualified coach that Clubbie has now provided backing for Aaron to expand this top-class coaching set up and continue to raise the bar for amateur sport. 

In providing extra resources for Aaron and investment in equipment including floodlights to enable the sessions to be laid on throughout the Winter months, 'Clubbie Coaching' has been born. If the model works, the next step will be to expand outside of its current area of operations and even into other sports where qualified coaches are available to provide similar services under the Clubbie umbrella. 

James White, who has led the Clubbie initiative to join forces with AG, said: "What Aaron has done has been magnificient. I've known him from a young age - he was a very good player and has gone onto be an excellent coach. Giving kids the chance to be coached by people like him at the kind of prices being offered is something we are really passionate about at Clubbie." 

Aaron is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. "I was overwhelmed by the demand to be honest. I couldn't accommodate everybody. And going into the Winter, I knew I'd need more support. Clubbie want to do great things with grass roots sport and I am really happy to be a part of this venture."

You can visit the Clubbie Coaching Facebook page for more information. 

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