Amateur Nostalgia

There’s nothing like a period of boredom to get people reminiscing about their sports experiences over the years.

The last few weeks have seen social media go wild with people inviting their friends to quote the best players they’ve played with or against, their favourite performances, funniest and most memorable moments. It’s the perfect time to stop and think about all the reasons we miss sport so much.  

The great thing about this day and age is that we have the ability to film everything, literally in our pockets. More and more of those insane instances of joy and laughter get captured in video form and can be viewed until the end of time. Clubbie itself is a living repository of such memories – it’s our objective to grow it and make sure there comes a point when no significant sporting moment goes missing. Until that day, there’s still plenty of nostalgia that lives only in the memory. Here’s some favourites from the Clubbie Team as we reflected on years of stories from amateur sport.

Most Comical: Village Double-Wicket Spell (Cricket)

It was a friendly and the captain threw the ball to one of the team’s more colourful characters, with the game still in the balance. Our bowler fancied himself, wasn’t short on swagger and not shy in saying when he thought he’d been overlooked for earlier spells with a newer ball. What followed was the most extraordinary mix of over-pitched and under-pitched deliveries, some so short (and slow) they bounced multiple times, barely reaching the batsman. Others sailed over the stood-back wicketkeeper’s head before they touched the deck. This was a spell that, astonishingly, went unpunished. Not only could the batsmen not accept the gifts on offer (presumably due to utter bamboozlement), the bowler ended up with two wickets including a farcical caught-and-bowled off a double-bouncer. Yes, a double-bouncer. Pure “village”. Teammates literally crying with laughter throughout the spell. The score book will simply say two wickets for twenty-something runs, off five overs.

Most Remarkable: Hole-in-One for a Half (Golf)

Matchplay, pairs. Second player of the first pair strikes the perfect shot which hits the pin and goes in. Magical. Celebrations of the usual calibre for such a feat. Up go the second pair to get their money’s worth before moving onto the next hole but unbelievably, player two repeats the hole-in-one achievement for a half. That’s right, a hole-in-one for a half! Elation or despair? Or total bewilderment? You could play three lifetimes of golf and never see that happen.

Most Bizarre: Bumble Bee in 200m (Athletics)

A 200m sprint. The favourite was more than a favourite, he was red hot - in bookmaker terms, heavily odds-on. Approaching the bend, he predictably led by a country mile and was cruising towards the inevitable. Hitting the home straight, his head started shaking and he visibly slowed down before picking up again and stumbling over the line before he was caught, flopping to the ground on victory. Phew. Almost a huge upset. The problem? A bee flew into his mouth and stung him on the tongue! Ouch. The moral of the story: breath through your nose. 

Most Impressive: Three-Bullseye Finish (Darts)

How many times has this ever been seen, anywhere? A dingy, smoke-filled pub and a few good league players knocking around. “Who even goes for bullseye with their first dart when they have 150 left?” I hear you ask. Well, you do when you are playing on a Double Board. For those of you who have never seen or played on one – Google it. They really do exist, although you’d be hard pushed to find one in any pub these days. No trebles, just singles and doubles. And what’s more, the bullseye is smaller. And there you have it, a 150 checkout with three darts in the bull. Wow.

Most Unlikely: Three Cards in One Passage of Play (Football)

I said at the start that these feats were confined to the memory, before the age of video ease. All except this one, which we are privileged to have footage of. Our personal favourite – three cards all issued to the same player in one go. Yellow, yellow, red. Pure class. Vinnie Jones never even managed that. Here it is again, for those of you who haven’t seen it!

Do you have some remarkable memories involving sport? Get in touch and we’ll share your story!

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